How an Interior Designer plans the Open Areas in a Residence?

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Open areas are one of the best areas in a residence. Bringing you close to nature these areas make you feel completely alive. Designing them in a marvelous way makes the experience even better.

To create a warm and inviting ambiance, you can opt for parquet flooring for the balcony or at least you can use tiles that recreate that look.

In addition put a small area rug there as well to make the balcony even cosier and if you put there a small bench instead of individual chairs you can add also accent pillows and seat cushions.

A small bar would be a lovely addition to the balcony.

Use the color of the balcony to your advantage. For a long and narrow balcony you can use a bench that goes along the wall or railing. The bench could bend around the corner, creating and cozy nook.

If you want to introduce stone in your garden, use pebbles and gravels in place of natural boulders,

If your balcony is too small as these are befitting for small space. Water features should be used in Japanese garden. The most designable would be a small stream of water using bamboo pipes.

Lighting for Veranda:

Table lamp give aesthetic look and warm atmosphere to veranda. One can opt the type of light he wants from a range of lights like String light, Ceiling fan light, candles etc. as lighting is an important element to make the look aesthetic.

Furniture for Veranda:

The furniture depends on the size of veranda. If you have less space place one or two pieces of furniture or if you have large space, place furniture many articles of furniture. The color of the furniture depends upon your choice. You may go for dark or light color. Light color makes the space look larger whereas dark color makes space look small.

Flat Roof Designs:

Flat roof designs of veranda increase the beauty of the home for long time. Such verandas are useful in small, square or rectangular homes.

Sun Roof Designs:

If you want that sun light or cool air comes to your veranda, choose sunroof as it is available with adjustable roof which is controlled by a remote and you can open and close if whenever required.