King's Cottage, Indirapuram, Delhi NCR.

AnAm Design Services have given tribute to the Legend, RAJA who brought the biggest revolution in the hospitality industry, by designing this restaurant, King’s Cottage in Indirapuram. This design project is entirely based on the journey of this legend from Delhi – 6 who introduced the Indian culinary to the world and world’s culinary to India .The team of AnAm Design Services has given the schemes of beautiful, sophisticated colours and perfectly matched materials, space planning as per the specific needs of the theme. The offered services are rendered by our experienced designers who artistically designed the interiors. It is a dream come true with the genuine efforts on understanding the need and executing it. This design for a fine dine restaurant has a deep indulging ambiance for enjoying and relishing a meal. It has an elegant vintage feel. Inspired from ancient European and Chinese feel, the décor is rightly set for variant moods ranging from romantic, family gathering, lounging or casual. The restaurant is branched in 3 rooms of Chinese Lounge, European Lounge and PDR.

The Chinese Lounge shows the journey of Raja in China with a view of Shanghai in the form of customized wallpaper through the artificial wooden windows created. The Golden MDF Jali on the ceiling which gets backlit gives a perfect vintage Chinese look to the area.

The journey of this legend in Europe is shown in the European Lounge with a view of London in the form customized wallpaper through the artificial wooden windows created. The lit niches bring a glamorous look to the area as well as the whole restaurant. A perfect british club look is given to the area by creating this artistic wooden ceiling on the top.

The PDR takes you to the old times where the royals used to have leopard fur on the walls. The walls of the PDR have leopard fur on the walls with looking mirror on the ceiling making the area look bigger.

King’s Cottage, designed by AnAm Design Services Top Interior Designers in India, is an innovation which takes you to the different zones in the ancient times where you enjoy the food with the related ambiance.