Who We Are

AnAm Design Services was started in 2012 and since then it has been providing interior design services in all the sectors (Residential, Commercial & Corporate) with a dynamic team of qualified, very well experienced and passionate interior designers. AnAm Design Services provides innovative logical solutions that improve and enhance the interior surroundings creating extraordinary designs. Every project is a true collaboration with each client’s taste, needs and budget firmly in mind.
We give you the design styles and trend that the top cities in the world have. We have done a few international projects as well. The level of excellence that we have achieved in the recent years is because we have the right people (Vendors/ House staff) associated with us. Here you get the benefit of experienced professionals who can solve the problems, help you in selection to create beautiful, safe and functional space designed specifically to meet your needs.

Interior Design

AnAm Design Services takes pride in stating that it is a known name in the field of Interior Designing in Delhi NCR. Our self belief in integrity and moral business policies has helped us to give superior services to our customers all across India and beyond.

Turnkey Projects

AnAm Design Services offers a range of services to our clients such as offering cost estimation, project management, site supervision, monitoring and coordinating with consultants, contractors and suppliers. Our services start right from the initial design idea to the final execution of the project.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra cannot be directly linked with prosperity. It can only suggest ways in which we can live in harmony with the laws of nature, so that we can be healthy and peaceful and work efficiently. Vastu Shastra only gives advice to you which helps in improving your lifestyle which is more in harmony with nature.


Architecture is not just a term to describe buildings but it is a process and a product of planning, designing and constructing a building. A good architect while designing a good building should keep three principals in mind: Durability, Utility and Beauty.

The Pillars

Amritdeep Singh, Chairman

Amritdeep being a qualified interior designer started his career in 2009. With his ability to visualize the creative essence that a space needs, he has given designs to the clients which have created buzz in the market. With the strong technical knowledge and experience in the industry, he could execute all the designs perfectly and smoothly. He is visionary in this field and leaves no details untouched. He uses the latest technology to stay connected and is creative in mix of colour and pattern, further practically transforming that creativity into execution. Kanikka Tandon Studdio, Jingle Bells Kids Zone, GLR Scientific Co. and other residential projects done by him got everyone one amazed.

Anu Bhutani, Chairperson

Anu has sound expertise in project management skills and in depth understanding for the overall operations of the company. She has the experience of developing creative ideas into a livable environment. Anu being an artist by passion and qualification in fine arts has given an artistic feel in a lot of projects.

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